This category lists the whole set of projects we achieved or are upon achievement around the Moodle eLearning open source technology.

Most of those projects are contributive, published at and herein worplaces just add additional online support tools for tracking issues, asking for upgrades or being closely informed of changes. We ask you to create a nominative account to visit and participate.

Non accessible workplaces are projects Val'EISTI is not willing releasing yet the access for corporate reasons.


BlocksVal'EISTI's contributive Moodle's blocks offer. Blocks are small portlets that display a small set of information of give access to some controls, and pluggable in the Moodle screen/pages.
Activity modulesVal'EISTI's contributive Moodle's modules offer. Modules are sub-applications that encompass an interactive intaciable activity within a course. Modules are pluggable in the course sequence, or content, depending on the format.
FiltersVal'EISTI's contributive Moodle filters offer. Filter are pluggable text transformers that allow filtering the content before it is displayed to the user.
Authentication pluginsVal'EISTI authentication plugins for Moodle offer. Authentication plugins allow adding to Moodle non standard user managment and access strategies.
Core Developments Core contributions will add some central features to Moodle, and will contribute to the centrical API. These developements are handled in handshake with the Moodle HQ group lead by Martin Dougiamas in Perth, Australia.
Distribution A special space for distributing complete customized Moodle distribs responding to contextual requirements.
ToolsOutils techiques pour Moodle.
Customisations Customisations are composite integrations that add to Moodle additional infrastructures intended to increase the customisation capability of the platform. Originated from solutions that were developped for our customers, they will propose a packaged approach of such contextualisations so integration in a Moodle reduces support risk and lowers as much as possible the core footprint.


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